Letter Similarity Data Set Archive

Kikuchi, Yamashita, Sagawa, and Wake, 1979

Kikuchi, T., Yamashita, Y., Sagawa, K., and Wake, T. (1979). An analysis of tactile letter confusions. Perception & Psychophysics, 26, 295-301.



Experimenter provides a confusion matrix for whole block capital letters, using a 17x17 matrix of tactile stimulators placed against the participants' backs.


Letters were presented in a 17 x 17 tactile array on the participants back, for approximately 200-300 ms. A scanned reproduction of the letters from the original article is shown below.


The confusion matrix are available here. For this matrix, each row represents a presented stimulus, and each column a response. Four blind subjects produced a total of 127 observations of each letter.

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