Letter Similarity Data Set Archive

Gupta, Geyer, & Maalouf, 1983

Gupta, S. M., Geyer, L. H., & Maalouf, J. A. (1983). Effect of font and medium on recognition/confusion. Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 144-149.



Experimenters examined errors and confusion matrices from different fonts. Stimuli were displayed at a vertical visual angle of 1 degree at 8 feet. Duration and luminosity were adjusted for each individual to achieve approximately 50% correct identification for each font.


The 26 uppercase letters, either in a dot-matrix font, or the stroked "Keepsake" font. Figure 1 from the article, reproduced below, shows the letters and font used.

Keepsake Font

Dots Font


Confusion matrices for dot font and stroked font. Each row represents a stimulus, and each column a response.

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